About Us

Right Home Right Place is here to help identify housing need in Shropshire and to provide information about affordable housing, community housing and housing in general.

We are made up of a small team of planning policy officers who are part of Shropshire Council. Our role is to build a clearer picture of what’s needed in your parish by running comprehensive housing needs surveys in communities throughout the county.  

The information we collect will feed directly into Shropshire Council’s planning policy and help to determine the type, scale and location of future homes, to ensure we are providing the right kind of housing and support where it’s needed most.  

We also work closely with local communities to provide advice and guidance around the various types of housing available, and explain more about what affordable housing might involve. More information about the different types of housing in Shropshire is provided in our Housing section. 

Our surveys are distributed to parishes at different points of the year, mostly by post but in certain cases via our website only.  

With postal surveys, respondents can also choose to complete the questionnaire online – simply visit the Take the Survey page.  

Paper copies of the questionnaire can be requested at any time – visit our Contact page to get in touch. 


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