Community Led Projects

Community led schemes deliver homes and developments of varying sizes that meet the needs of the local community. These schemes can range from general stewardship and oversight of dwellings financed and owned by a housing association or land trust, through to actual tenancy management and outright ownership of the asset.

The community must be genuinely engaged with the project from the start.

The benefits of Community Led Housing are:

  • Homes that from the start, are an integral part of your communities
  • Creating homes not just for now, but in the future too. These can range from affordable homes to Open Market homes depending on what the community want
  • Homes that are not just affordable now, but are affordable forever
  • You are taking charge of the houses in your community and not just waiting for someone else to step in and build something that may not be what your community needs
  • You know your local area better than anyone else
  • You are helping local communities thrive and survive by giving young home-grown younger adults affordable places to live and a reason to stay
  • By building better homes, you’re also building better communities
  • When the schemes are complete, the community receives £3000.00 per unit to spend on community projects