Local residents keep strong ties in Craven Arms

The edge of any small town is always an attractive prospect for homebuyers, often commanding premium prices for plots with good views.

However, that’s not the case with a new £2.8m development by Shropshire Housing Group on the outskirts of Craven Arms, where new residents had to demonstrate a strong local connection before they could buy or rent.

One couple who did qualify is Charlotte Broxton and her partner Luke, who moved into their 3 bedroom home at Sibdon Fields just before Christmas.

Charlotte has lived in the area all her life and it was important to maintain local ties, not least because her and Luke welcomed the town’s newest resident at the end of January, baby Toby.

She said: “We are really pleased with our new home particularly the attention to detail, spacious rooms, garden and beautiful views of the surrounding area.

“It was really important for me to stay close to relatives and renting from Shropshire Housing Group has made that possible.”

25 properties have been constructed at the site including four apartments, four bungalows and seventeen homes.

The thinking was to create a development suitable for all ages and life stages, encouraging a community to develop and grow.

19 of the properties are for rent through Shropshire Housing Group, while the six shared ownership plots have all been sold to people with a local connection.

Paul Sutton Executive Director for Assets and Development at Shropshire Housing Group said: “Our focus is very much geared towards building homes for local people in rural and semi-rural areas where housing demand is at its greatest.

“It can be incredibly hard to stay living within the area you were bought up in; with many people, young and old, priced out of the market.

“SHG is keen to provide solutions to the housing market, whether this is first time buyers, or elderly residents wishing to continue living locally while maintaining their independence.”