Picture Gallery | The View from my Shropshire Window

Inspired by the ‘View from my Window’ Facebook group, where people around the world share their lockdown view, we’ve created our own gallery of views here in Shropshire.

A View from my Window‘ was started to encourage people all over the world, from Norway to New Zealand, to share the view they see every day in lockdown, along with the story behind it.

The premise of the group is to help us all feel more connected and we thought that was a lovely idea, so we’ve created our very own collection of Shropshire views in lockdown – not on Facebook, but purely within this post below.

Scroll down to see the pictures we’ve been sent so far, and click on each one to view the story that goes with it.

What’s the view like from your window? Whatever it is, we’d love to see it! Email us with a high-res pic and a caption telling us what you love about it, how you’ve been coping in lockdown or what you’re most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted, and we’ll add it to our gallery below.