The Beginner’s Guide to Housing

Young Person’s Leaflet

Helping young people gain independence

It’s no secret that young people are having a tough time at the moment. Between rising house prices and the global pandemic, it’s tough to get into long-term careers or even consider getting on the property ladder. For a young person seeking employment, it can feel like opportunities are scarce. 

For Kieran, Juliet, and Yaz, three young people who have benefitted from employment opportunities, know first-hand how tough it can be. As part of the teams at Right Home Right Place and Design by Country, They’ve had the chance to develop workplace skills, whilst also helping others. 

Teaming up with Teams

One of the strangest factors of this task was working together over a long distance. The pandemic has, at least for the moment, but likely beyond that, completely changed the face of collaborative work. For the team, the biggest barrier was communicating over such a distance. 

Overcoming this barrier required trust and teamwork. Open communication wherever possible was crucial to the project’s success, as well as frequent feedback. 

The process

Coming from diverse entryways, each of the team brought a unique skill set to the task. 

Yaz focused on developing the aesthetics of the leaflet. Having worked on the recent animated short for Right Home Right Place, she had access to key assets from the production. As a motion graphics specialist, it was a unique challenge for her to convey the message of the leaflet without the asset of movement.

Kieran worked on the research element, bringing together crucial data. This helped the team make decisions on what were the key issues and barriers to young people. From the data, they found that education on accessing housing was one of the largest barriers to entry. From this, they decided to focus on introducing the HomePoint service.

Juliet brought the whole thing together by producing the copy. Determining which information was the most important and how to present it was one of the most crucial parts of the process. The most difficult part of this was keeping the text succinct whilst still being detailed. She was able to do this whilst maintaining an engaging tone. 

The final product

Please see The Young Persons leaflet here:

The finished product was a leaflet aimed at young people aged between 18 and 25. The contents assist young people in making the first steps towards buying or renting their first home. The guide is full of helpful information and links to services available in Shropshire. It also empathises with the fears and anxieties young people may have around gaining independence from their parents or guardians. Special thanks to Tom, Laura and Lauren for their hard work on editing the graphics and sharing the leaflet on socials and websites.